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Davey Extended Warranty 2018


Participating Products:


PowerMasterECO Pool Pump (PMECO)
ProMaster Bluetooth VSD Pool Pumps (PM200BT, PM400BT)
CrystalClear Media Filters (DCC2140, DCC2540, DCC2550, DCC2850)
CrystalClear Cartridge Filters (39050, 39075, 39150, 39175, 39225)
ChloroMatic Salt Water Chlorinators (MCS16C, MCS24C, MCS36C, MCS50C, MCS16CT, MCS24CT)


Claiming your extended warranty is easy!



Simply click on the link below to register your purchase, and upload a copy of the receipt as proof of purchase. Be sure to tick the "I am not a robot" box and submit just once for each receipt you have. Duplicate claims will be reviewed and only a single claim will be considered for each receipt / product.

Please fill in your details accurately - terms, conditions and exclusions apply.


With any enquiries, please email