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Lo Chlor Black Spot Killer 1lt

LoChlor Black Spot Killer 1Lt

NEW Concentrated Algaecide For BLACK SPOT Algae

This highly concentrated blend from Lo-Chlor is ideal for light and heavy infestations of black spot algae in all types of swimming pools.

Features & Benefits

  • Use for the treatment of severe, resistant algae strains.

  • Effective over a wide pH range, best results at pH between 7.0 and 7.2.

  • At lower pH, the waxy coating surrounding algae cells is greatly softened, allowing easier penetration by chemical.

  • Compatible with all recognised sanitisers and other pool additives.

  • Do not Superchlorinate for 48 hours before and after product addition

  • For severe algae infestations use in conjunction with Lo-Chlor Black Spot 900 Algaecide

  • Should NOT be used in pools using Ionisers or Natures 2


Remember - always test for phosphates after the addition of a Lo-Chlor Algaecide


  • 1L treats 50,000 Litres of pool water