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Magnapool Elements Premium Salt

MagnaPool Pool Minerals 10kg

MagnaPool Minerals are 100% salt (sodium) free.

MagnaPool uses a unique blend of natural ocean minerals and is the only system that is 100% salt free. The only minerals found in MagnaPool® are magnesium and potassium chloride. These work in conjunction with the MagnaPool® Hydroxinator to not only sanitise your pool water, but to also keep it crystal clear, healthy and feeling silky smooth.

The blend is 70% potassium chloride and 30% magnesium chloride. 

How many bags of minerals will you need?

You will need to top up your pool water with MagnaPool® Minerals to keep your mineral pool operating at its optimal level. On average, the guidelines below give an idea of the amount of MagnaPool® Minerals you’ll need per annum. Mineral dosing will depend on rainfall, dilution and frequency of backwashing:

30,000 litre pool: 30-40kgs or 3-4 bags per year
50,000 litre pool: 50-60kgs or 5-6 bags per year