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Chloromatic ESC - ESR

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A complete range of Genuine Davey Chloromatic ESC - ESR Replacement Salt Cells


Your ESC replacement cell is self-cleaning, which means that unless you experience extreme water conditions, the cell should not become scaled and will not require cleaning. However, in areas of extremely hard water, it may be necessary to clean your cell periodically. We recommend that you montior your cell regularily. 


When you first install your chlorinator, checl the electrolytic cell at least weekly to begin with to see when either scale or a blue/green soapy substance appears on the mesh. You will then be able to determine the cleaning cycle necessary for your pool (obviously more in summer). The intervals between cleaning could get longer to the point where cleaning is only necessary a few times each year. One exception is the use of bore water or ground water, in which case cleaning may always need to be as frequent as once a week.



To clean the cell, remove all leads connected to the Head Assembly. Unscrew the Cell by turning the Head Assembly clockwise – as per instructions, and withdraw from the Cell Housing.



Add 1 part HYDROCHLORIC ACID to 10 parts WATER in a suitable container and immerse the Cell in this solution. It should not take longer than a few minutes to clean, if it does the Cell should be cleaned more frequently. If the build – up is not excessive it may be possible to clean the mesh with a jet of running water. Return the Cell to its Housing and connect leads to the Head Assembly.



As an alternative, an approved commercial Cell cleaning solution can be used a number of times effectively.


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